Union Plus Insurance Description

Union Plus Insurance Education

Union Plus Insurance Description

What type of Union Plus insurance is right for me?

Use the following comparison chart for an overview of the types of protection offered by Union Plus insurance. Simply click on the links below for detail on a specific program, or call 1-800-393-0864 (M-F, 8 am to 7 pm, ET) with questions.

Click here to see the Comparison Chart of the different insurance plans Union Plus offers. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for this file, you can download it here.

What makes the Union Plus insurance different?

Union Plus programs were specifically designed with union members in mind. After thoroughly researching insurance companies and insurance plan options, Union Plus programs were developed to help union members get the coverage they need.

Following are some unique Union Plus benefits:

Strike/layoff benefits that help protect union members when they're out of work. Your premium is waived if you are out of work on a union-sanctioned strike, layoff or lockout lasting 30 days or more, and no occupational exclusions.

Strict oversight by an unpaid, independent board of AFL-CIO trustees who are retired union members.

Support from a third-party union member advocate for union members requesting assistance. Staffed by union members, these advocates help to ensure that you and your family get the information you need, without you ever having to settle for less.